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with people that don’t look like us, that don’t come from our neighborhood.” Emad is a Muslim so he prays five times a day. He tries to eat healthy and he works out at least an hour a day. He says when he is frustrated and upset at the world, he spends time with his two daughters. “ Sometimes in order to refresh we have to get outside of the business way of thinking. We have to step outside of that and do something totally different.” He says the key to balancing a busy career and family is to make sure you include your family in your schedule. Rahim says he includes his wife in the things he is doing and avails himself to support her in what she is doing. He also makes sure he is communicating and trying to involve people in his circles to help him manage his time. It is quite easy to get in touch with Emad. He is on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. He says he is very approachable and will respond to someone who sends him a tweet. In conclusion, Emad says, “Regardless of all of our challenges in life… we can’t constantly think about the past, we can’t change the past, but we can look at how the past shaped us as a person, how it impacted us as a person, how it changed us for the better. It made us think different, it made us act different. And if we can do that and appreciate that and kind of look forward on how to take advantage of those …experiences we will become a better person.” 2 0 1 5 JA N UA RY | W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M 5 7