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While the company has only been in existence for half a decade, from around the world to these conferences to present their Patricia has a vast experience in Investor Relations. Her excellence products. Pristine Advisers makes sure these conferences have in the field has contributed immensely to the reason clients have a quality audience. For that reason, not every company can be followed her wherever she has moved to work. They made it allowed to participate in the CEF Network. It is not all gloom easier for her to start her own company and made up Pristine for the startups which cannot participate in the Closed End Advisers’ first clientele. Fund Network. Pristine Advisers has other events like webcasts Unlike most firms in this niche, Pristine Advisers has chosen to focus on a wide range of marketing services for businesses. It is and podcasts that would most likely serve the needs of such a company. quite rare to find a firm that deals with Investor Relations, Media Patricia advises companies to constantly keep their name out Relations and Public Relations, all at the same time. Even those there. She says it is ill-advised to cut back on marketing and adver- firms which deal with Investor Relations, for instance, would tising because there are new products being introduced every- still be specialized in a certain aspect of Investor Relations like where every time. For any company to stay afloat, great effort annual reports. Most choose to concentrate on a certain area in has to be put in marketing. “You want to constantly keep your either of the three. Pristine Advisers’ wider scoop has given it an name out there… you’re competing for customers and clients advantage over rival firms. and shareholders in a very heavily populated marketplace. So, the last thing you want to do is cut back Patricia believes in solving the problems of on marketing, or cut back on the oppor- the client and would not shy away from intro- tunity to reach these people,” Patricia says. ducing a new department in her company to try and solve a recurring issue her clients Patricia says marketing does not have to be are raising. This would perhaps explain why super expensive. Unlike in the past when Pristine Advisers offers website design and there were very few marketing platforms maintenance, webcasts and conferences. like newspapers, magazines and television, These services have been developed and today there are many platforms especially incorporated in what Patricia calls a trial and in the social media that are not as expen- error approach through the years. Today, her sive. If you know your way around the company is all rounded and has gained a social media, you might be able to market lot of experience in these areas. If the client your products or services quite successful- needs it done, Pristine Advisers will find a ly without using any money. Having the way to get it done. Pristine Advisers’ clients are in all shapes and sizes: from start- right connections and relationships in the media can also save you a fortune in marketing. ups and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Patricia Patricia asserts, “You want to keep active in the space because says marketing does not change in respect to the type or size of it’s always out of sight, out of mind. So, if you’re active for the a business. The difference is only in the audience and messag- first month and then all of a sudden you disappear for three ing. This is why the company can comfortably represent a wide months, guess what; there’s fifty other people now in your range of companies from all sorts of niches. The personnel at place.” Pristine Advisers also helps with branding by bringing in Pristine Advisers comes from a background of different types an o ]