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I T ’ S L I F E S E R E N I T Y S T E W A R T piano and everybody would gather around and she taught herself how to use it. She would redesign the and sing. She once sang a hymn in church clothes her mother brought her. She says she handmade many of and the church really loved it. This encour- her children’s outfits when they were growing up. Her style is also aged her to join the choir. She would later influenced by Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russel, Jayne Mansfield, Bette undergo private music training. Davis and Barbara Stanwyck. Serenity says her mother really wanted her Serenity Stewart’s day starts early morning with going through her to do opera. She was however convinced emails, getting the day’s dose of entertainment news over a cup opera did not represent the kind of musical of coffee – she asserts she likes reading positive news – she also direction she wanted to take. Today, Serenity would usually write the lyrics of her songs around the same time writes ballads, jazz and big band. in addition to doing the day’s vocal practice. Her music is inspired by Rosemary Clooney, Often she gets requests from companies to write them a song for Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra just to commercial work. If she feels the commercial work requirements mention a few. As aforementioned, Serenity’s fit her music style, she sits at the piano and works on the song. All fashion and style has roots in her childhood. her music is available on iTunes. She is also on ReverbNation and Her aunt gave her an old sewing machine streams on many radio stations. People can also download her 2 0 1 5 JA N UA RY | W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M 4 9