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Factors You Can’t Ignore If You Want To Be Healthy There are many processes your body undertakes on a proactive in order to avoid untimely pain, disease, and even daily basis in order to keep you functioning normally. death. In order to even begin the healing process, we need Unfortunately, these processes have been to have a basic understanding of 4 main factors hampered which has resulted in a lot of pain, our body has been forced to deal with and how suffering, and mental anguish. that affects our ability to live a healthy life. In order to live a healthy life, we need to come to Once identified, we can then make the appropriate grips that we don’t live in the same world that changes in order to live a longer and higher quality people did 50 years ago. Things have changed of life. Without further ado, here are 4 factors you dramatically, and we need to be much more can’t ignore if you want to be healthy. D E R E K Mental Stress Stress is a well-known killer, yet many people seem to ignore the fact that they are dealing with it on a daily basis, to a point that it becomes chronic and debilitates your body. Stress creates a state of contraction and H E N R Y efficiently, it will slowly wear you down properly and be free of disease. When the and ultimately is the trump card that body becomes nutrient deficient, simple can initiate disease and ultimately take processes become difficult and some you out. Understand the signs of more shut down altogether creating glitches serious stress, and negate it appropriately and stagnancy that has a direct effect on by choosing more life promoting thoughts. how you feel and operate on a daily basis. Malnourishment Many of people’s health problems origi- an acidic reaction that upsets the normal Living in a world of continually tilled soils functioning of the muscles and the body’s that are treated with various chemicals, delicate pH balance. Not only that, but a our food supply has become degraded to body that is in a chronically stressed state the point that a lot of our food has up to has difficulty in absorbing nutrients and 50% less nutrients than it did 50 years ago. also negatively affects the immune system, your main line of defense against pathogenic organisms and disease. This compromised soil, which has been largely stripped of crucial vitamins, miner- nate in a simple nutrient deficiency, and if they understood which ones they were missing, they could undertake therapeutic dosages through specific foods and supplementation in order to bring them up to speed. Malabsorption als, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria, can It is one thing to get the appropriate Until you fully understand how stress no longer supply us with the nutrients nutrients into your body, and often quite affects you, and how to deal with it our body requires in order to function another to have them properly absorbed 4 6 W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M | JA N UA RY 2 0 1 5