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Studies show that the majority of the selfemployed are kinesthetic learners. Essentially, we learn best by doing. This is why we created a model where the student’s business becomes a practicum. We are the only business school that takes this approach. economic return for communities is something we are measuring longitudinally. What is the envelopment of Kenney College with large companies? Our work with employers is based on a simple premise: As people grow, companies grow. It is important to understand that—evolutionary speaking—management is a branch of economics; and marketing is a branch of management. Many executives link marketing and economics easily enough, but skip over the importance of employee satisfaction. Numerous studies show a strong positive correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Of course, customer satisfaction tends to manifest as brand loyalty and enhanced profitability. Our role is that of an educational partner. We help employees grow personally and professionally. By extension, our client grows too. How does Kenney College help to re-connect the culture of corporations with their entrepreneurial heritage? Every large company was once a small start-up. As com