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I never thought about it before, but this phrase has an air of are so busy, do something about it. Get real with how you spend arrogance to it. This being said, it takes seconds to send a text your time. How much time are you spending watching trashy or an email. reality tv shows or on Facebook? And if you need to talk to the person live, cut the “I’ve been busy” We all get the same 24 hours. Period. crap. Shoot them a text or an email saying something like: “I want to know what’s been going on since we saw each other last. When is a good time for us to talk on the phone or meet up for coffee/tea/wine?” The other person will feel fantastic because you are asking about them (and let’s face it: we all love to talk about OUCH! Imagine having this realization while your iPhone and iPad are being confiscated and you’re in a hospital gown. Since I couldn’t bathe myself in busy-ness, I made a stark realization… There was only ONE person to blame: ME! ourselves and to feel wanted). I chose to tell my clients I could fix any and all problems they had. TRUTH #2: We are all busy… Or so we like to think. I chose to answer my phone at midnight on a Saturday and to Stop to think about what you are so busy doing. When I got real jump on a plane first thing in the morning. I made those choices. with myself about what I was soooo busy doing, I realized I was And in the midst of all this running around and people pleasing, ruminating over the past, trying to predict the future, or just flat I would go on and on about how this always happened to me. out complaining, mainly about how busy I was. People always treated me like this. And even if I switched jobs, I had a high stress job. I traveled a lot, many times last minute. I had long conference calls and meetings and super tight deadlines. I was twisting myself into a pretzel to impress people. I worked location, friends, etc., nothing would ever change.Being a victim is annoying. What’s even more annoying is listening to someone go on and on about their victimhood. There’s a common denominator to all of your problems — seven days a week and all hours of the day. Here’s the deal: No one is impressed by your busy-ness. It’s not a badge of honor. and successes — YOU. Unfortunately, many of us wrap ourselves in a cocoon of busy-ness When you chronically tell people how busy you are, it actually leads others to believe you have zero time management skills. It is also WHINING! If you to avoid dealing with our lives and ourselves. We don’t want to face the music — that we are in control — so we waste all sorts of time, money, energy, and resources to create a lot of noise around us so that we don’t have to hear the voice inside our own head and heart. The voice telling us that we are