#WORLDCLASS Lou Altman - Page 37

comfortable with the approaches in Leadership Rigor, you open yourself up to skills in everyday practice.” While Erica has enjoyed immense success for her earlier pursuits, she isn’t shy about acknowledging weak points along her journey. For one, despite heading multi-million dollar teams, she found it a challenge to be a young leader. Her skills once exceeded her emotional intelligence, resulting in instances where she was possibly too direct, blazing her trail with collateral damage. Ms. Peitler understands what she did right and wrong, and isn’t afraid to own it. Early leadership training and development is something she would like to see more of with recent college graduates. Ms. Peitler acknowledges that nature and nurture are two dynamics at play in leadership. Some leaders naturally have aptitudes in communication and building relationships, which they could be either conscious or unconscious about. However, if those natural talents are not supplemented over time to nurt