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03. Find a role model. If this particular result is possible to one human being, it is possible for all of us. Find a role model that achieved the desired results so you know your goal is attainable and sustainable and model what he/she did. When I just got sick and labeled by western medical doctors “incurable”, I refused that tag and decided to find people that healed themselves and model whatever they did. I have found four Lyme survivors. After researching their treatments I have found a similar pattern that I implemented on my way to recovery. Same rule applies in business, fitness, relationships and all other areas of your life. You want to loose weight? Find someone who achieved great results and model their program. Want extraordinary relationship? Model couples with extraordinary relationships. Want successful business? Model successful business model and successful entrepreneurs. You’ve got the picture. 2 0 1 5 JA N UA RY | W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M 2 5