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global levels. These topics were the basis for of the principle his father taught him and which he lives by: “Play his first book, The Third Vision, published in hard, work hard, and serve hard.” Dr. Vala states that if you keep 2013. His work was a labor of love, taking 10 the balance between pleasure, taking care of yourself, and serving years to write about his understanding and outside of yourself, you can be very content with life. vision for humanity and our world. When asked how he sees himself in five years, Dr. Vala can easily In addition to his busy career in medicine, see himself continuously growing and learning as he is a lifelong Dr. Vala is also creating a worldwide platform student. He also sees further development of his audience and to spread his message of human empow- platform, partnerships, publishing more books, products, videos, erment and transformation. He created providing mentorship, teaching courses, and serving as a life coach. a three CD audio program called How to While he doesn’t see himself knocking on doors to advertise his Prevent Mental Illness and Promote Mental platform, he is building his platform and audience through online Wellness in Your Child. Dr. Vala’s upcom- messaging and marketing. ing book, Heart to Heart, is a series of life stories with several authors and coauthors, detailing events that have changed their lives. Different role models such as Dr. Vala welcomes anyone who is interested and willing to be empowered and transformed. He is also a firm proponent of using quantitative data and scales to show growth in a specific area of life, including the body, mind, soul, and social aspect. Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins have shaped Dr. Vala’s life and outlook. He’s also guided by Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge, detailing that insignificant actions done consistently lead to significant results. A couple of rituals that Dr. Vala performs on a FULFILL AND LIVE YOUR ULTIMATE POTENTIAL. FLY UP WITH LOVE, PURPOSE,AND PASSION. regular basis are daily gratitude, exercise, and one-minute meditations. The science behind these practices is what drives him. He explains that while everyone has good Ultimately, Dr. Vala wants to create a global community of like-minded people who share the same vision to come together and use hubs an