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Rebeka Shadpour is a successful commercial and residential investment broker and short sales specialist at Wealth Road Realty in Beverly Hills, California. Not only has Rebeka attained success and recognition for her excellence in business, but she also serves as a personal coach to many of her clients. While she experienced repeated peaks and valleys in her business and personal life, Rebeka has held onto hope for a better future and persevered through many obstacles. She has used her experiences to stop playing the victim and change not only her outlook, but to assist others as well. Rebeka came to the United States 23 years ago. Born in Iran and spending time in various countries, she arrived here at the age of 17 with little money and very low confidence with learning the English language. She made a small amount of money in the beginning and was able to afford a car and an apartment. It was not very easy to find her way and everything seemed vague, difficult, and out of reach. Once Rebeka started working, she realized the vital importance of a college education and personal enrichment. Her employment opportunities skyrocketed early on. Rebeka started from earning minimum wage to working as a secretary, to a manager, and eventually becoming partner in a business. Ms. Shadpour spent several years in the textile industry from the age of 19, specializing in design, purchasing, and shipping fabrics. What set Rebeka apart was her ability to learn her customers’ specific needs. The reputation she built in her industry helped her to ask for credit while making $1.5 Million in sales in her first year. During this time, she networked and contracted with widely recognized companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue. Ms. Shadpour was at the top of her game. However, hard times would soon 1 0 W O R L D C L A S S M AG A Z I N E S . C O M | JA N UA RY 2 0 1 5