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a position of fear, doubt and resistance without even realizing and timelessness. Here, you become highly aware and highly it. Their work environments are politically and fear motivated focused. Get Out of the Way is John Murphy’s second book. It and not many people are in touch with their deeper self – the revolves around zentrepreneurship. He practices Kaizen which spirit. “To be inspired actually means to be in spirit and in spirit he has combined with entrepreneurship to form what he calls means fearless. There is no fear at the spiritual level. You lose sight zentrepreneurship. Kaizen is a Japanese word that means good of that you become more worried about tomorrow and more change. He defines a zentrepreneur as someone who’s willing worried about last week or next month and not present, not to act and take some risks on good ideas. in the now. That’s where a lot of stress and anxiety and tension come from.” John teaches people to be present and practice higher consciousness. John shares a devastating experience he had in high school one time when they had just won the Michigan State Championships. He was elected to be captain of the team. The summer before To help a business executive, John Murphy says the first question the season, he was in hospital after a serious foot injury. He they must answer is the reason why they are in business. They underwent several constructive surgeries and the surgeon told should know what value their company him his football career was over. offers to the marketplace. He also asks He was heartbroken. His grandfather questions regarding the history of the sent him a book about courage. He read company, for instance, what the intention about how some athletes overcame or goal of the founder of the company adversity and difficulty. Inspired by these was when they created that business. stories, he encouraged himself. Two years Questions on their customers are also down the line, he was playing football at featured prominently. He then helps you Notre Dame. answer these questions to improve your John also teaches business leaders how business effectiveness at the marketplace. to gain credibility. He teaches them the His work is to unite and align people and difference between facts and assump- get obstacles off the way for businesses to tions. John says a business leader who achieve their desired goals. These obsta- does not have their facts straight will lose cles could be the people themselves, their credibility. People will challenge outdated policies or even business equip- them and they will look stupid. ment that does not work as it should be. On the law attraction in business, John His first book, Beyond Doubt – Four Steps says it is everything. “The law of attrac- to Inner Peac H\