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in your intestinal system so they can be proper digestive processes. In order to live of damage done that can’t be proper- delivered to various areas of the body a healthy life, one must strip that unhealthy ly rectified through a simple avoidance where they can do their work. biofilm and reseed with beneficial bacte- of toxins. Although that is a smart move ria so the healthy foods you begin eating in the right direction, it does nothing to will deliver the appropriate levels of nutri- address the toxic load lodged in your body. Malabsorption is a serious issue and has become more profound due to the proliferation of over the counter and prescription drugs, antibiotics, mercury poisoning (largely through dental fillings and vaccinations), and stress. ents to your body. Toxic Load Anyone who has decided to become healthier has typically addressed the toxins This can be addressed through a variety of factors, but primarily through cleansing foods, c