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that can immediately be put into play. Erica believes that, “The dries up? What paths will they explore? Erica emphasizes first step any leader has to go through is learning how to that overcoming roadblocks by taking risks and making lead themselves.” How are they and others hardwired? How changes is what sets people who really want to grow apart do they communicate appropriately and build healthy relation- from the pack. ships? The emotional development of a leader is a vital consideration as it factors into how to let go, trust more, and get work done through other people. There are several points about leadership that Erica asserts to her clients: (1) leadership can be learned, (2) leadership is emotional; people have issues with power, ego, and prestige, making Stemming from her most recent book, Ms. Peitler plans to launch dynamics complicated, and (3) leadership in service of others is Leadership Rigor boot camps, designed to be 1 to 3-day full-im- fundamentally being a highly emotionally intelligent leader. It’s mersion workshops for both individuals and teams. Erica also not about me; it’s about them. explains that “…leadership skills and capabilities ultimately can manifest as interchangeable Lego® pieces. Once you’re comfortable with the approaches in Leadership Rigor, you open yourself up to applying these skills into everyday practices, everywhere.” Ms. Peitler agrees that great leadership is in high demand in today’s world. Unfortunately, in many businesses, a leader can at best attract talent but may not be able to retain it for long if they don’t have a culture in place in which talent can thrive. She insists that leaders face huge consequences if they do not invest While Erica has enjoyed immense success for her earlier pursuits, in their people to accelerate skill development [among she isn’t shy about acknowledging weak points along her journey. leaders and their teams]. Otherwise, there will be pervasive For one, despite heading global teams and Divisions at the General performance and productivity gaps, people won’t grow, and the Management level with $100-400 million in revenue, she found company will ultimately stagnate. it a challenge to be a young leader. Her technical business skills exceeded her emotional intelligence skills early on, resulting