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the book of Deuteronomy, there are many community of the Church, there is no instructions on how these feasts and discipleship. The Church, a community of pilgrimages should take place. “Three times a missionary disciples, is a pilgrim people. In year, then, every male among you shall appear Baptism, we become pilgrims on a journey, before the Lord, your God, in the place which following in the footsteps of Christ by being he chooses: at the feast of Unleavened Bread, joined to him through the Church, the Body at the feast of Weeks, and at the feast of of Christ. In and through the Eucharist, the Booths” (Dt 16:16). Although the men alone salvific work of the Lord is not only are instructed to go up (to Jerusalem or to celebrated but is actually and continually made wherever the Lord commanded), it was present and participated in. As the source and understood that the feast and pilgrimage was summit of the Church’s life, the Eucharist is for the entire community – and the notion of the Church’s, and thus the disciple’s, regular corporate identity was firmly established. “pilgrimage” in a powerful way. Certainly, practical considerations played a In this full context, the Christian pilgrimage role. The Jews in Galilee would have a much (like the journey of World Youth Day) is a harder time going to the feast/pilgrimage than special and physical expression of being the those in Judea. It would be difficult to leave Church, reminding pilgrims that their mission behind homes and cattle unprotected and in the world has a greater destination beyond unwatched. Having a corporate identity meant the world: in the communion of saints united that every Jew participated in the feast— with the Triune God. vicariously through the men who went up to Jerusalem and directly by celebrating in their In the Church, pilgrimage and community are homes. For example, in the Passover feast, the inseparable. Not only is the community the homes of all Jews were free from leaven. The backdrop on which the pilgrim’s journey to fasting from leaven was not just practiced by World Youth Day takes place, but it is an those who went to Jerusalem. experience for the entire community. Those who cannot go are invited to participate with The significance of pilgrimage, community, the same sense of corporate