World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 75

about what their lives would look like if they At the conclusion of the session, bring the were doing what makes them happiest all the conversation back to the large group and ask time. Ask them if they could envision a life whether the pilgrims have gained any like their World Youth Day experience for additional insights for themselves. years to come. As pilgrims respond, take note Ask the group how these religious men and of the different responses to the question, women, priests, and married couples have “What makes you the happiest?” These might become agents of mercy and compassion be answers that you or the panel can come through their calling. Ask the young men and back to later on in the discussion. women present if they are now considering new possibilities (and if they are open to Then have the panel share their own sharing those thoughts with the group). It is experiences (of World Youth Day, on how important to keep all these conversations in they found joy and happiness in events like confidence and to encourage all pilgrims to these, and in their respective vocations) and hold those in discernment in prayer. how they discovered what God was calling PLANNING TIP: them to do with their lives. This would be a great way to expose pilgrims to a variety of If you cannot find people from these groups to come out to your meeting, consider using online resources like video testimonials and websites; be sure to share these links with the pilgrims. vocational callings. Leave some time for questions and answers to allow the pilgrims to ask whatever they want to know about a particular vocation or ministry. USCCB (Religious Women): If time allows, invite the pilgrims to take time USCCB (Videos on Vocations): for reflection (e.g., take 15 to 20 minutes for silent reflection), and if you feel it is appropriate, have them use this time to USCCB (For Your Marriage): complete an online discernment test. There are a variety of online resources for VISION Vocation Network: discernment, as well as videos that highlight the journeys of religious men and women, Vocation Placement: priests, and married couples. 73