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Ask them how they see the vocations of community. Pilgrims may have experienced priesthood, consecrated life, and marriage and being with many vowed religious in their family, as well as the Lord’s call to those in stateside experience in a way to which they single life and the call to lay ministry or may not be accustomed. This will help them another form of service to the Church, in light reflect on their own vocation and where and of their World Youth Day experience. Ask how God might be calling them to serve. them if the events confirmed or changed any previously-held thoughts on these vocations Assemble a panel including one or more of or callings. Ask if World Youth Day may have the following: a married couple; a religious made them open to the possibility of pursuing brother and/or sister; a priest; a deacon; a lay these vocations more intentionally and, if so, ecclesial minister (single or married); and a what they are considering doing in response single lay person discerning and living out to those thoughts or feelings, which are often God’s call in a particular form of work or promptings of the Holy Spirit to pray and service; it would be good if all or some of the discern. Have time for the group to share with panelists have been to (or were inspired to each other in small groups or a large group, their vocation through) a stateside or depending on the number of people present. international World Youth Day (or who have The goal here is not to push anyone into any been regularly involved in ministry with youth discernment/vocation process, but to have or young adults locally or nationally), though conversations that open their minds and this is not a requirement. hearts to the possibilities. Also, it is meant to encourage a greater awareness of the Lord’s Begin by having the panelists ask the pilgrims call each day of our lives. the following questions:  Activity: Vocations Panel What brought you the most joy during your World Youth Day experience?  This discussion and Q&A activity will encourage World Youth Day Pilgrims to Who seemed to be the happiest people that you met while you were there? reflect on the call to a particular vocation. The  goal is to help pilgrims realize that all of us What thing that you do makes you the happiest? have a vocation, but some of us have a calling to a particular way of living out our lives that After discussing these questions, have a is in relationship to the larger Church panelist or the leader invite them to think 72