World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 71

Vocation Discernment Gathering for World Youth Day Pilgrims World Youth Day has a growing impact on to service to others; in addition, it would also the vocational discernment process of youth connect pilgrims to the vocation and mission and young adults, especially evidenced by of all the baptized in service to the Church, those studying for the priesthood and entering which might include the call to lay ministry. religious communities of consecrated life in recent years.38 It makes sense. Gathering Activities Like other World Youth Day events, begin The World Youth Day experience is one that the gathering with team building and helps young people prayerfully consider what icebreakers, giving participants the God is calling them to do with their lives, opportunity to learn about the experiences of especially in light of the formation and other World Youth Day pilgrims. This event inspiration gained from such a powerful would be open to both stateside and encounter with the Universal Church. international pilgrims, so be aware of the Realizing this connection can be a great needs of both (note: the considerations of occasion to gather together recent participants bringing these groups together is covered of stateside and international World Youth earlier in this guide). Day celebrations with a particular focus on discernment and vocation. Discernment Exercise Plan an activity to help the pilgrims engage in It should also be noted that “vocation” here is the discernment process – to help them better understood in the broad sense of God’s call in understand what discernment is, how the a person’s life. This would encompass the process works, and ways they can practice particular vocations to the priesthood, discernment in their everyday lives. These religious/consecrated life, and marriage, as elements, and the notion of making choices well as the broader call to holiness which