World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 70

   2:00 Did anything you learn or Large Group Sharing experience during the pilgrimage Have groups share insights with surprise me in any way? the larger community; consider Have you changed in any way concluding this session with an because of this experience? encouragement to all participants In particular, what did you learn at to go forward in solidarity as one WYD about the theme, “Blessed community of pilgrims ready for are the merciful, for they shall missionary discipleship in their receive mercy” (Mt 5:7) and the respective circumstances. concept of Divine Mercy?  2:30 Is there anything from your Consider praying the Divine Mercy World Youth Day experience Chaplet, reading the Great that has made you feel closer to Commissioning (Mt 28:16-20) or the others? To God? To the Church?  Emmaus Story (Lk 24:13-35), and Do you know yourself better praying again the World Youth Day because of World Youth Day?  Prayer; alternatively, a Mass of How can you be more merciful, Thanksgiving might be offered at the loving, and compassionate to conclusion of the gathering and/or others in your life?  some time for prayer and adoration How can you be more open to before the Blessed Sacrament can be God’s mercy and forgiveness in made available for a renewed and your life?  Closing Prayer united commitment to missionary Is there something you need to do discipleship and God’s mercy. or change in your everyday life?  Is there any action you must take 3:00 Optional meal in response to what you saw, Consider having a meal together. learned, and felt at WYD? Some options for the meal can include Polish food items, a potluck among After the group has spent time in the pilgrims (brining their favorite conversation and reflection, dishes), or something particular to the reconvene the large group. local community or group. 68