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Pilgrimage in the Advent of Technology The modern age of technology has can be live-streamed through a computer, transformed the communal experience of while simultaneously downloading images of faith in ways that we could never have the Pope on a phone, and reading the latest imagined thirty years ago when St. John Paul WYD blog post from the local diocesan II held the first international gathering of seminarians on a tablet. Just sign up on young people in Rome (in what would Twitter or Instagram, and World Youth Day eventually be called “World Youth Day”) in groups will send virtual pilgrims a flood of 1984. The advances since then have photos and quotes from the day's events. significantly reshaped global events and the Facebook and Google groups can help filter manner in which these events are shared. out a lot of the noise and direct one’s focus on one diocese, religious movement, or parish In the early twentieth century, events such as that is closer to one's heart. If that isn't the Olympics or the World Cup were the enough to make someone feel like they are platforms for large international gatherings, almost there, one might get to video chat with but only a relatively few lucky individuals a friend while the Pope is addressing the experienced them. These were events that crowd, presuming enough bandwidth via newspapers and periodicals were vying to Wi-Fi or a 4G hotspot has been secured. report on, later to be joined by the nightly The use of technology in service to the newscasts on radio and then television. With Faith is truly remarkable. It has opened up a technology in peoples’ homes, these special tremendous possibility to Catholic leaders. moments in history were no longer limite