World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 68

locally. In order to alleviate this, you may community (see above) can be helpful, as well want to consider having the stateside pilgrims as framing the event in a unified spirit of share first about their experience when you celebration, prayer, service and mission, and gather both stateside and international shared recommitment to the Gospel. pilgrims together for the first time. In a special way for the 2016 World Youth As part of the sharing, consider what the next Day gathering, since the Holy Father has steps can be as a united community of youth called for a universal Jubilee of Mercy for and/or young adults. While both groups may young people in the summer months, both have entered the conversation with different groups have been celebrating the Jubilee in experiences of pilgrimage, the entire group their own way (whether at home, in their can leave the conversation with a collective parish or diocese, or with the international understanding of missionary discipleship. community in Poland with Pope Francis). This, then, can be the common bond for the When speaking to those gathered, especially in reconnection and mission. Using the reference to the future, use language and framework of the Jubilee of Mercy can be direction that supports the notion of solidarity helpful for bring both groups together and and unity, hopefully alleviating any tension or for using the same language in developing a friction that may exist. Incorporating the shared mission as a combined community of broader understanding of pilgrimage and young missionary disciples. 66