World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 67

carried with them since their World Youth  Provide an opportunity for each group to Day experience and how they plan to share share their experiences to the other group that with the rest of your community. Having (and possibly with those who did not them work together on a presentation project, experience World Youth Day at all). or putting all the pictures together for a slide show can be a fun way to get them to recap  Also consider how the event is, above all, the experience but also begin to develop an opportunity to celebrate and rejoice in some tools for talking about it with others. the Lord’s goodness and mercy, to pray This also amplifies the stateside experience together, and to recommit the community and reminds participants that their pilgrimage to a more intense life of missionary continues onward. discipleship and attention to the young Church that gathered for the Jubilee. The Sharing Experience  There are a variety of ways for sharing among Because of social media and technology, stateside and international pilgrims of World the sharing can begin right away. People Youth Day. This will take some planning and will be putting pictures or quotes on work on the leader’s part, but this sharing is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during necessary and can be very fruitful if done well. the World Youth Day experience itself. Some things to keep in mind: Use these social media tools to engage in meaningful dialogue by giving pilgrims  Timing is key. For most stateside pilgrims, question to respond to on a regular basis, they will wrap up and head home or develop a social media community immediately following the experience. (Facebook group, etc.) for both groups – International pilgrims may have a so that they both see each other as fellow schedule that has them visiting additional pilgrims in the social media landscape. sites in Europe or elsewhere. Trying to plan a gathering as soon as international Again, some stateside pilgrims may consider pilgrims return can be challenging and their experience “less than” if they hear about dependent on schedules. However, all the wonderful and exciting places that the planning an event of sharing within one to international pilgrims got to visit, or when three weeks is highly recommended. they hear about the numbers of participants abroad vs. the numbers they connected with 65