World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 66

There may be some mixed feelings between the experiences before each pilgrim has had a the stateside and international pilgrims during chance to formulate what the experience this sharing process. Some stateside pilgrims meant for them. Once they have reflected on may believe that, because they did not this and developed a better understanding of participate in the international pilgrimage, the meaning of the experience for themselves, they did not see or experience as much as they can better appreciate their own those who went overseas. Some of the encounters and share them with others, reasons that people did not travel to Kraków knowing that the Lord has sought them out can become obstacles in reflecting on their and touched them where they were. own stateside experience. PLANNING TIP There are many reasons that people do not Consider for your first combined gathering of stateside and international pilgrims to not let anyone one bring pictures, souvenirs, or show the pictures that they put on social media. travel for World Youth Day, including lack of money, a complicated immigration status, busy schedules, work, personal, or academic commitmen G2