World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 60

The call to be Catholic The call to mercy and being merciful Part of being Catholic is recognizing that we The primary theme of the international World are a part of something bigger. To be able to Youth Day in Kraków should permeate trace our origins back to our Lord Jesus everything in a stateside experience. This Christ himself, back to the Twelve Apostles theme, “Blessed are the merciful, for they and original disciples, and to see the vast shall receive mercy” (Mt 5:7) calls all people history and people that our faith links us to to understand better the concepts of mercy, can be a humbling and exciting experience. compassion, love, and forgiveness: how God World Youth Day is a great moment to has been merciful in participants’ lives and the experience that reality of being Catholic. degrees to which mercy and compassion have been integrated into the pilgrims’ actions in Being part of a stateside experience can help their everyday lives. remind a pilgrim that he or she is a part of a universal (catholic) Church and that our God, The notion (and ultimately, the experience) Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, calls all people to of Divine Mercy (beyond all understanding) a deeper connection and communion with should challenge stateside pilgrims to reflect him and others precisely through his Church. on how they may or may not be expressing the Father’s mercy in their relationships and A successful stateside gathering will open encounters – and to see where they can make local pilgrims to the recognition of the changes to better pass on that mercy to vastness of the Church, but also to the joy and others. Whether on a personal, community, or excitement of knowing that the family and civic level, there should be a takeaway that community of the global Church is over one there is always room in one’s life and billion strong. Even though stateside events relationships for greater mercy and love. won’t have an international component, a larger Catholic gathering like this can still help The call to live in Christ pilgrims to recognize that, despite differences World Youth Day invites us to embrace more in language, location, and culture, there is deeply the call to live in Christ daily. In great unity in the various inculturations and particular, two aspects of our relationship traditions of the Catholic faith, expressed in with the Lord might be fruitfully examined the Universal Church, which is one, holy, after World Youth Day. The first is the depth catholic, and apostolic. and closeness of our relationship with God. 58