World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 6

Introduction to the Guide Congratulations! You have decided to host a social networks, a new kind of pilgrim has stateside pilgrimage for World Youth Day. emerged – and stateside gatherings are a real You have embarked on an adventure of and powerful way to tend the spirit of those planning, organizing, budgeting, visioning, new pilgrims in our midst. The Stateside negotiating, packing, and general busyness. Leaders Guide begins with a reflection on the You have also embarked on a process of realities of what it means to be a pilgrim both as helping young Catholics encounter Christ and the one who goes to WYD and as the one walk in solidarity with fellow disciples around who participates from afar. It also looks at the the world. The goal of this Stateside Leaders opportunities and pitfalls engaging in Guide is to assist in making the first part less pilgrimage in the digital age. The second daunting and the second part more powerful. section shares insights on the role you play as a In 2013, when Pope Francis offered World stateside pilgrim leader, particularly Youth Day (WYD) pilgrims a special blessing encouraging you to go beyond organizer to (officially speaking: a plenary and/or partial witness. The third chapter is presented as a indulgence), he not only included those who workbook, designed to aid you in the process were traveling to Rio de Janeiro, but also of planning your stateside pilgrimage. It includes those “who are legitimately prevented” from checklists and space for brainstorming. This traveling and those who would be following chapter also includes several templates of the activities “in spirit…via television or stateside celebrations. The guide ends with radio, or always with appropriate devotion, by both the theory and the practice of engaging the new means of social communication… in effective follow-up gatherings with stateside and wherever they may be during the above international pilgrims. It joins the experiences mentioned gathering.”1 By this act, Pope of the two groups by renewing the call to Francis reminds us that the World Youth Day solidarity, witness, and going forth as pilgrimage is not limited to those who have missionary disciples. May God bless your the means to travel internationally, but to all plans, bless you in your work, and pour who journey with a faithful heart. Now more abundant blessings upon those who gather than ever, in the age of global media and with you as part of World Youth Day 2016. 1 nts/rc_trib_appen_doc_20130709_decreto-indulgenze-gmg_en.html 4