World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 56

Stateside Model #8 (interactive pilgrim communications) This stateside celebration is focused on connecting stateside and international pilgrims through communications and technology. Depending on the arrangements and date, the timing of this event can vary – as the pilgrims in Kraków will be several hours ahead of those in the United States (consider the time zones and when/how to best interact through web communications). This may need to take place in the morning hours in the USA to connect with Kraków pilgrims in the afternoon or evening hours. This model can also be incorporated into stateside day-long or overnight gatherings. 00:00 Registration and Welcome 02:00 Small Group Conversations o Discuss: What did you hear and see 00:30 Large Group Conversation from the Kraków pilgrims that inspired, o Discuss the concept of pilgrimage: What challenged, or affirmed anything about does it mean to be a pilgrim? What is the your faith and about the concept of difference between the international and pilgrimage? What are your hopes for the stateside pilgrim experiences? them? What are your hopes for others o Come up with talking points and celebrating World Youth Day stateside? questions for Kraków pilgrims (this may need to take place in small groups within 02:30 Large Group Conversation the large group) o Discuss the points made in small groups with the large group 01:15 Interactive Conversation o Connect with Kraków pilgrims (ideally 03:00 Closing Prayer from your local community) o Have them share details of their journey OPTIONAL: o Ask the Kraków pilgrims to pray for their Consider also interacting with other stateside stateside counterparts; let the Kraków pilgrims across the United States during this travelers know that they are being prayed gathering, asking them about their experiences for by stateside pilgrims locally; during an interactive session like this, pray with one another across the miles. 54