World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 55

Stateside Model #7 (evening program) This stateside celebration is an evening program that allows stateside pilgrims to watch video footage from that day’s events at World Youth Day in Kraków, but also brings them together for fellowship, prayer, and catechesis. This can be held any night of the WYD week. 6:00 pm Welcome & Registration 7:30 pm o Refreshments and socialization WYD Kraków Video o Show a moment from WYD Krkaów, or a compilation of several WYD events 6:30 pm Pilgrim Catechesis o Pre-recorded video on large screen in o This catechesis can be led by a pastoral indoor hall or gathering space leader (bishop, priest, deacon, religious, o Participants can watch video whatever lay leader); it can also be a witness from manner is most comfortable for them WYD alumni or young people. o If the video includes footage of a liturgical o If the number of participants is high, event such as a Mass, emphasize a spirit of consider having multiple catechetical reverence and respect sessions (and have the participants choose the session that speaks to them) 8:30 pm o Possible catechetical sessions can include:   o Have a prayer service by candlelight, Mercy (“Blessed are the merciful” recreating the vigil with the Pope on the WYD 2016 theme) Saturday evening of the World Youth Day Pilgrimage, Encounter, and events in Kraków o If time and space allow, consider Celebration  Candlelight Vigil Prayer beginning with a pilgrimage walk Young people and their role in the Church and the world  9:30 pm The Life and Legacy of Saint John o If time allows, late evening options can Paul II (and Kraków)  also include: rosary, coffeehouse, music, The Cross (connecting to the WYD praise and worship, Adoration of the Cross and the Via Crucis)  Blessed Sacrament, or watching more Vocation (what does it mean to video feed from Kraków, or socialization respond to God’s call?)  Closing and Dismissal (on or off-site) Solidarity (with the poor, refugees, o Close by 11:00 p.m. with night prayer immigrants, marginalized, etc.) 53