World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 53

Stateside Model #5 (two-day overnight program) Based on a model developed by the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for youth (13-18) and young adults (19-39), this stateside celebration is two-day program with an overnight option, which would ideally be situated on Saturday and Sunday of the World Youth Day week. SATURDAY 10:00 pm 11:30 am Registration Evening Prayer and Candlelight Vigil o Registration open until 1:30 p.m. o Confessions, exhibitors, lunch, and music 11:00 pm Rosary- Luminous Mysteries are available on-site during this period NOTE: Eucharistic adoration is open all night 2:00 pm Opening Mass SUNDAY 3:30 pm Tents/Vendors Re-Open o Dinner available 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. 6:30am Breakfast available (until 7:30) 8:00 am Morning Prayer with Bishop o Participants have options to attend workshops, visit the exhibitors, or stop to get food during this time period 9:30am 3:45 pm 4:30 pm 5:15 pm Stations of the Cross Breakout Session 1 10:30 am Pilgrimage Walk 11:30 am Lunch Available (until 1:00 pm) Breakout Session 2 Breakout Session 3 o Participants have the option to stop to get food during the following program 6:00 pm Breakout Session 4 12:45 pm Concert and Papal Message 7:00 pm Concert o Papal homily recorded from WYD Mass 8:30 pm Holy Hour and Adoration 2:00 pm 51 Closing Mass with Bishop