World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 47

Stateside Model #2 (afternoon and evening Program, with optional overnight) Based on a model developed by the Archdiocese of Washington for young adults (19-39), this stateside celebration is a twelve-hour program coinciding with the World Youth Day candlelight vigil (on Saturday of the World Youth Day schedule), recreating elements of that event for local participants. There is an optional overnight option, for those unable to travel back to their homes on the night of the event (or who wish to experience the outdoor experience of World Youth Day). This program, especially with the day-long activities and overnight option, is ideally suited for the Saturday of the World Youth Day week. SATURDAY o By 7:30 pm, encourage participants to travel to the Stations of the Cross site 1:00 pm Registration 8:00 pm 2:00 pm Welcome and Opening Prayer Stations of the Cross o The first twelve or thirteen stations to be projected or displayed in an area apart 3:00 pm Break from the other events – where participants would watch and follow along 3:30 pm Catechesis, Round 1 o For the thirteenth and fourteenth station, o Concurrent 60-minute sessions at which time it should be dark enough, a o Offer between 3 and 6 workshops, candlelight procession would begin depending on number of participants behind the prayer leaders as all travel to the Evening Mass site; pilgrims would 4:30 pm Break stop for these two stations en route to the church during the candlelight procession 5:00 pm Catechesis, Round 2 o Concurrent 60-minute sessions 9:30 pm o Offer between 3 and 6 workshops, o Celebrated by bishop or pastor depending on number of participants Evening Mass o To include a youth or young adult choir and liturgical ministers (pre-arranged) 6:00 pm Dinner Break o Use liturgical rites from (or similar to) the o Meals, Exhibits, and Music international World Youth Day Closing o Two-hour period around campus Mass; use the WYD theme song 45