World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 46

Stateside Model #1 (evening program) Based on a model developed by the Archdiocese of Washington for young adults (19-39), this stateside celebration is a five-hour evening program coinciding with the World Youth Day candlelight vigil (on Saturday of the World Youth Day schedule), recreating elements of that event for local participants. While ideally suited for Saturday, this model can be used on any evening of the WYD week with live or recorded video feed from other international activities. 6:00 pm Registration 8:15 pm Candlelight Procession o Refreshments o Gather outside church o Socialize with members of religious o Provide candles for each participant communities and organizations 6:15 pm o Process around grounds towards church Catechesis in Large-Group 8:45 pm Evening Mass o Event Welcome (by event organizers) o Celebrated by bishop or pastor o Catechesis by speaker/bishop/pastor o To include a youth or young adult choir and liturgical ministers (pre-arranged) 6:45 pm Live Feed: WYD Prayer Vigil o Use liturgical rites from (or similar to) the o Live feed begins (or pre-recorded video) international World Youth Day Closing on large screen in an indoor hall/facility 7:00 pm Mass; use the WYD theme song Open Prayer Time and Dinner 10:00 pm o Option #1: Confessions at stations in the Coffee House and Music o Dancing, dance lessons, and church, in portico, outside on benches entertainment connected to the culture o Option #2: Rosary walk in grotto, led by and traditions of international host religious sisters (offered every 30 min.) country; i.e. Brazil, Poland, etc. o Option #3: Adoration in the chapel o Option #4: Dinner with local priests, 11:00 pm religious brothers, and sisters Event Closing o Offer any final announcements o Option #5: Watch live feed in indoor hall o Invite participants to continue journey o Option #6: Church and grounds tours beyond this stateside gathering (offered every 30 min.) o Conclude with a short closing prayer 44