World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 42

experiencing Catholicism from a different After the Event culture, feeling a part of a large-Church Like many retreat experiences, once the experience, meeting new people, or going to “high” wears away, it can be difficult to see or Mass with peers? Utilize the answer to this feel the effect afterward. So much of the question in the choices you make regarding international experience of World Youth Day the language and images you use when is sharing the story and experience so as to communicating about the event. live differently. It is also important to connect the stateside pilgrims with those who traveled When marketing the stateside gathering, overseas for the international event. explore communication structures that exist already in your parish, region, or diocese such You are highly encouraged to use the as newspapers, websites, bulletins, Facebook, resources in this guide focusing on equipping Twitter, and Instagram. Ask yourself, “How pilgrims in the weeks and months afterwards. can we ensure there is a presence on every This will help to encourage the young people local Catholic platform (bulletin, website, to truly take this event into their daily lives social media, newspaper, particular group and become missionary disciples. email lists, pulpit announcements)?” “What resources can you create to distribute to local Even though World Youth Day is not offered parishes (event postcards, flyers, etc.)?” frequently, it is critically important to offer an opportunity for an event evaluation. You can Marketing Questions either provide hard-copy evaluation sheets or offer a link to an online survey sent to the What is the key draw for our audience? pilgrims in the days following the stateside gathering. Either way, be sure to get that What images and words reflect the key draw? input. An evaluation or survey can help you and other event planners for future local events and pilgrimages. It will also be helpful What venues can we use to market the event? in looking further into the future to the next World Youth Day gathering. Perhaps this event will inspire your local community to Who has the talents and resources to help us market the event? host an annual celebration of young people, and the evaluations can assist with that. 40