World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 41

through the following questions before Event Publicity making a final decision: While World Youth Day is well known among Catholic ministry leaders, it may not be for  What nearby locations include a space or your target audience. The vast majority of spaces that best accommodate the various youth and/or young adults you are inviting components of your event schedule? may have never been to an international These may include large and small World Youth Day and may not even know meeting rooms; beautiful and practical what it is. Some may assume World Youth grounds for campus; a church or shrine; Day is only for teenagers. This means that a locations for prayer and quiet spaces; part of your marketing and publicity for the sleeping areas; food options, etc. event needs to include defining the event for your audience and highlighting the aspects of  the event that are most compelling. What do your various location options cost? If a venue is free will you still provide a stipend for set-up, cleaning, and You can also ask those in the local area who other costs incurred by the venue? have been to a stateside or an international World Youth Day event in the past to share  How will participants travel to your event? their experience as a way to inspire others to If by car, is there sufficient parking? If by participate in a local pilgrimage. public transportation, is the location near PLANNING TIP publ