World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 40

Technology Site Location Effective utilization of technology during a Based upon the audience, schedule, and stateside pilgrimage can greatly deepen the budget, it is important to determine the best connection between the international and location to host the stateside event. Consider local pilgrimages, and acknowledge the digital all the options: your parish or diocesan center; landscape in which many youth and young a local retreat facility; a university campus; a adults live today. World Youth Day has large open outdoor space; a place accessible recently embraced technology as a significant to the potential audience for this event; a component of the preparation and execution location well-known to the community; of the overall event. Consider some of the someplace with a connection to the theme, ways to use technology: patron saints, or culture of the international event; a place special to the life and ministry  Incorporate a live-feed (or video of the hosting parish, diocese, or movement. recording) of an event with the Holy Availability of any of these possible locations Father into your own event. may impact significant components of your event. With that in mind, it is important to   Utilize Skype, Face Time, Periscope, or secure your location as early as possible (and other video conferencing to talk with have a few backup sites in the event that the pilgrims from your area who are at the initial plans fall through or if weather could be international WYD celebration. an issue with any outdoor location). PLANNING TIP Be active on social media using and Consider a host location that has a vested interest in reaching out to your youth or young adult audience or a community from which you can build a strong base of volunteers or audience to invite (i.e. university, retreat center, large parish, local shrine, etc.) searching for related tweets with the World Youth Day hashtags (#WYDUSA, #WYD, #WYD2016, and #Krakow2016) on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites – and encourage your stateside pilgrims to participate by sharing their own local celebration and experience online through hashtags. Also consider To assist you with narrowing down the developing your own event hashtag and options for an ideal site for the stateside use it in your promotional materials. World Youth Day celebration, carefully look 38