World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 35

Date and Time  Next, based upon the objectives you wish If you plan to develop a pilgrimage or to accomplish for your stateside celebration, service project as part of your program, determine the best day and time for your how will that affect the timing of your event. When determining this ask: stateside celebration?   What is the time difference between your Will you develop non-gathered digital local celebration and the international opportunities for young people to engage celebration of World Youth Day? How the World Youth Day events locally in does this time difference affect the date their homes or on their mobile devices? and time for your event? See the sample schedules listed in this guide  Since World Youth Day technically lasts for additional ideas on how to structure the multiple days; will you have multiple smaller event(s) and to respond to the questions listed events that span the week of World Youth here. These sample schedules are not set in Day, or a one-day or half-day event during stone, but can be adjusted to the particular the closing weekend? needs and preferences of your planning team and the specific site and timeframe you have  chosen to host the stateside celebration. Will you have an overnight option as part of your event to mirror the overnight vigil Our Stateside World Youth Day Celebration(s) will occur on: experience of World Youth Day?  Date and Time: Since World Youth Day takes place during the summer months, what summertime community factors do you need to be Local Factors to Remember: aware of when choosing a particular date and time for your event? For example: what travel, holidays, local festivals and events, the weather, sunrise and sunset times, already-existing parish or diocesan events, and staff vacations should you consider before finalizing the date/time? 33