World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 33

Collaborators Who else should be around the table? However, it is important to stay focused on Whether you are planning a parish, regional, the primary audience for your event while or diocesan stateside pilgrimage, consider identifying collaborators. Collaboration can what significant people, groups, ministries, help to shape a more informed vision for the organizations, schools, etc. are important to event, but do not let it widen the scope so collaborate with from the beginning of your much that the focus of it becomes diluted. planning (these can include leaders in and volunteers from youth, campus, and young It is important to clarify what role you would adult ministries, vocation ministries, like others to play. For example, are you evangelization and outreach, family life looking for people to collaborate and to ministries, cultural diversity ministries, etc.). vision with you or partner groups/sponsors Good collaboration is not bringing on other to assist with specific logistics of the day, groups once the vision has been set and the though not be involved in visioning? Be sure plans have been made; instead, good to clarify from the beginning of your planning collaboration means, from the beginning, what the expectations are for each person or others in leadership share in the development group with which you are collaborating. of an activity. The same would go for a Such collaboration is a great way to provide a stateside event. Successfully planning and richer and more diverse celebration as well as executing an event like this would not be to share the load of the financial, volunteer possible without the shared investment and and promotional resources needed. It also support of local collaborators. helps to add different strengths to your team. Collaborators Planning Team Component Assistance Logistics (food, sound, lighting, etc.) Additional Collaborators 31