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Hosting a Stateside World Youth Day Pilgrimage Process and Sample Formats The following is a process for planning a The target age range for World Youth Day successful stateside World Youth Day event. internationally is from 16 to 35; however, for It is divided into four sections: stateside celebrations, these parameters can fluctuate depending on the location, (1) Setting a Vision, leadership, and intended goals. For many (2) Foundational Elements, events, it makes sense to narrow the focus to (3) Preparation Checklist, and include a primary audience and a secondary (4) Sample Schedules. audience (as well as audiences that will not be included). One example of this could be: The USCCB Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth is grateful to the Primary Audience: Catholic emerging adults Archdioceses of Chicago in Illinois and ages 18-25 in a particular parish, diocese, city, Washington, D.C. and the Dioceses of or geographic region Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and WheelingCharleston, West Virginia, for their assistance Secondary Audience: Catholic young adults in the development of several of these ages 25-35 in that area, plus those from suggested plans. A short abbreviated guide is neighboring parishes, dioceses, or locations also available that outlines the planning Audiences Not Included: Catholic youth process in a simple “who, what, when, where, ages 13 to 17 in high school from any area and how” format for planners to consider. SETTING A VISION Note that the demographics listed here serve Before event details and logistics are set, it is only as an example and are not indicative of essential to ask the question: “Why are we who should be included in any type of hosting a stateside pilgrimage?” Below are a stateside celebration. For certain communities, few questions and tools for answering this. high school-age youth could be the primary Target Audience audience; while in others it might be limited to In order to identify the goals and objectives young adults in their late 20s or 30s. Cultural for your stateside celebration, you need to and language factors may also play into the first identify the primary and secondary identification of target audiences for certain audiences to which your event is focused. parish, diocesan, or apostolic communities. 26