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happening, then it is very difficult for the young people to witness the unity of the leader to be able to assist someone else. Pope Church in the midst of its diversity. Francis in his 2015 World Youth Day Message gave a few ways to renew this Who has not been moved by the scene of encounter daily: through participation in the hundreds of thousands of young people from Sacraments, particularly Eucharist and all over the world together with the Holy Reconciliation, reading Sacred Scripture, Father in silent adoration before the Blessed personal prayer, and serving those in need, Sacrament? All ministry leaders need to be 13 particularly the poor. Ministry leaders are prepared and help prepare pilgrims for this encouraged to tend their relationship with encounter with the Church. The preparation Christ on a constant basis. Once they commit can begin with the stateside pilgrimage leader to doing this regularly, they can then invite learning more about the variety of cultures in their pilgrims to do the same before, during, his/her local community. Reading, asking and after the time of pilgrimage. questions, and participating in Masses of different cultural groups can assist in this An Encounter with the Church preparation. Learning more about the diverse The encounter with Jesus Christ is always spiritual lives of the people of one’s diocese is done in and through his Church. We critical in being able to authentically in are a community of faith that is diverse, celebrate and share that experience as part of international, and multicultural. The leader a stateside celebration. will need to be prepared for this encounter with the Church Universal and her chief An Encounter with Fellow Pilgrims shepherd, the Holy Father. The stateside pilgrimage leader may not physically encounter many of their pilgrims The Pope, who is Vicar of Christ, “is the until the day of the celebration. However, this perpetual and visible source and foundation does not mean that a leader cannot help of the unity both of the bishops and of the prepare stateside pilgrims prior to the event. whole company of the faithful.”14 World Opportunities for learning and reflection can Youth Day—both internationally and be a regular part of pre-event communications stateside—is a very public opportunity for as well as integrating catechesis in social media 13 14 Pope Francis, Message for the 30th World Youth Day, 3. Lumen Gentium, 32, Catechism of the Catholic Church, 882. 17