World Youth Day USA Guides Stateside Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 13

and young adults. Inclusion of parents, prayer vigils, and the concluding Papal Mass children, and older members of the over streaming video. Advancements in community serves to foster a greater sense of technology have made the use of Skype or community and eliminate divisions. All of FaceTime through Wi-Fi and wireless these actions strengthen the bond between hotspots a way to connect pilgrims back to the pilgrim and the community and help to the community in real time. Imagine and plan shape the corporate identity of the pilgrims, that how this can affect stateside gatherings and community role that should be part of every coordinate the effort to make it happen. pilgrimage of faith. Promoting stateside pilgrimages and events is During the international World Youth Day a dynamic way to decrease the isolation and events, social media can be promulgated “Facebook envy.” Having something special widely. It is important for leaders to planned for stateside pilgrims (an experience encourage people to make the virtual distinct from and unique from the pilgrimage in a spirit of solidarity and unity. international pilgrims overseas) can further Physical pilgrims can push out blogs, posts, heighten the experience of the local pilgrim and tweets thoughtfully and with prayerful (in other words, just as international young intentionality, remembering to pray for the people will get to see the Pope in person, community back home. Encourage them to what unique thing can stateside pilgrims tell the story and let the technology help experience?). Gathering with other stateside them. Create a press release and try to make pilgrims is a great way for those young people contact with reporters of major television to feel part of something special. When an stations and papers that will cover the event. individual is with others, it is easier to “feel” Reporters always want to cover the “local the corporate identity spoken about before. It story” and viewers want to see it. helps to be in the presence of others who organically hunger to connect with the It is also possible to initiate