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is to be ambassadors of solidarity—pilgrims— to give pilgrims from other countries can not privileged tourists or vacationers. Their originate from the ideas and ingenuity of responsibility to the Church is similar to those those who remain. Promoting “virtual who in the book of Deuteronomy were pilgrimages” should be encouraged with directed to “go up to Jerusalem.” They go up special consideration of how to do it well and on behalf of the whole community, united as in a spirit of solidarity. one Body in Christ. As the pilgrims go forth, the community can With World Youth Day, so much can get gather to bless them. The Book of Blessings, the placed on the pilgrim’s role that the Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers (published community’s role is sometimes neglected. by and available through the United States How can dioceses, religious communities, and Conference of Catholic Bishops) and the parishes foster solidarity among physical USCCB’s World Youth Day USA website pilgrims and stateside communities? The key ( have prayers that can be is preparation and intentionality. Below are used or adapted. This can be done publicly as some suggestions to enhance the preparation part of the community’s liturgy or in a special for and intentionality around the World prayer service including the local bishop or Youth Day celebration. pastor. Local media can be invited to cover the event. Media should be prepped with the Prior to World Youth Day, there should be talking point that that these pilgrims are going opportunities for all young people, and even on behalf of the community and with the community’s the Church at large, to prepare for the festival. blessing. At the gathering, or even separately, Past participants (“World Youth Day alumni”) community members can write petitions on can share wisdom and insights in large small pieces of paper that they entrust to the assemblies or small groups with new pilgrims. internationally-bound pilgrims to bring to a Young adults who are not going can share shrine, a church, or special place on the with the pilgrims who are going “messages of journey to or at World Youth Day. Prayer hope” or “burning questions about faith.” partnerships between international and Through this exchange, the pilgrims can then stateside pilgrims can be organized. There can better fulfill their role as ambassadors. Plans also be an intergenerational aspect to the can be made by both traveling pilgrims and exchanges, remembering that World Youth those remaining stateside. For example, gifts Day is for the whole Church, not just youth 10