World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 86

Small Group Discussion build up the Kingdom of God in our local Action: Divide into small groups, with no more communities and among our peers. than five persons. Reflect on the following and If we were to wait until we were “fully then share as a small group. prepared” for this mission, we might never go    After your time of personal reflection, beyond our comfort zone. Instead, while still what do you think is your calling? disciples learning about our faith and the Do you feel you need to continue to Gospel, we are called to take initiative and discern how God wants you to share in become missionaries in a postmodern world – the mission of Christ at this point in whether that be to places that do not know your life? God, into active Christian communities, or where there is a need to reawaken the faith in What characteristics in you are those who may have forgotten. We are called to indicators of your particular vocation?  act with mercy and justice in all places. In Do you have any doubts or confusion whatever way God calls, the most important about your calling? thing is to take a first step. With that, we pray: Large Group Final Reflection Closing Prayer NOTE TO LEADER: Reconvene the group We give you thanks, God our Almighty Father, together for a final large group gathering. for having chosen us and for transforming us into prophets by our Baptism. Explain: The phrase “missionary discipleship” means that, even if (after the formation and We give you thanks, Lord Jesus, inspiration of World Youth Day) we feel for the mystery of your Incarnation unprepared for the missionary mandate God and saving work and for calling us has called us to (in other words, we are still to the greatness of discipleship. disciples sitting at the feet of Jesus), we are challenged to still step out on mission – to We give you thanks, Holy Spirit, serve the least, to advocate for justice and for filling us with your love, and, goodness, to courageously act with mercy and with your light and strength, compassion, to share our story and our witness enabling us in our mission. Amen. of faith, to teach and accompany others, and to 84