World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 85

Missionary Direction They are fervent in their faith and in Explain: Saint John Paul II wrote the Christian living. They bear witness to the encyclical letter Redemptoris Missio, subtitled, On Gospel in their surroundings and have a the permanent validity of the Church's missionary sense of commitment to the universal mandate. Published on December 7, 1990, the mission. In these communities the Church encyclical is devoted to the subject of “the carries out her activity and pastoral care. urgency of missionary activity” (RM, no. 1) and in it, he wished “to invite the Church to renew Thirdly, there is an intermediate situation, her missionary commitment” (RM, no. 2). particularly in countries with ancient Listen to his words: Christian roots, and occasionally in the younger Churches as well, where entire The fact that there is a diversity of groups of the baptized have lost a living activities in the Church’s one mission is not sense of the faith, or even no longer intrinsic to that mission, but arises from the consider themselves members of the variety of circumstances in which that Church, and live a life far removed from mission is carried out. Looking at today’s Christ and his Gospel. In this case what is world from the viewpoint of evangelization, needed is a “new evangelization” or a “re- we can distinguish three situations. evangelization.” (RM33). First, there is the situation which the Explain: Here are three situations in which we Church’s missionary activity addresses: are called to be missionaries: (1) t