World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 82

 How might these people, moments, and learned about other wonderful people elements of the World Youth Day on the way to and from Kraków? experience impact your life after the event 4. has finished?  What one action will I do to keep the Are these moments, words, and people moments, words, and encounters of pointing you towards something that needs World Youth Day alive in my life to be adjusted in your life – or are they beyond the World Youth Day affirming a direction, decision, or inkling experience itself? that you have had up until now? Action: Encourage pilgrims to keep these four pages in their journals, Bibles, or in a special Activity: Four Things place where they can refer back to these notes Action: Once the small groups have finished, and resolutions during the weeks, months, and come together in the large group and ask every years ahead of them. Encourage them also to pilgrim to write down four things on four take these pages into prayer with them. sheets of paper: 1. 2. 3. What is one way that the exciting Closing Prayer moments of the international World Good and gracious God, Youth Day can help me to find the thank you for the moments of grace, grace, grandeur, or transformative the words of wisdom, experience of God in simple things and and the wonderful people in situations of everyday life beyond you put along our paths World Youth Day? to and from World Youth Day. What word, passage, or speech from May they continue to guide us World Youth Day will carry me through in all that we do, in all that we think, the coming days, weeks, months, or and in all that we are, years beyond World Youth Day? now and for the rest of our lives. Amen. Who in my everyday life do I need to be Our Father, who art in heaven… more intentional about meeting and Hail Mary, full of grace… knowing more about, just as I met and Glory be to the Father… 80