World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 81

  Who were the people you met on the road to Kraków? Think about the people in the paved the way to this encounter? airport, the fellow travelers to Poland, the  people who greeted you upon your arrival, When did that moment of God’s grace come to you? When did you notice it? and even the ones you passed along without  giving them much notice along the way.  What moment, what words, what person How did it feel? What did you think? What did you do when you noticed God there? Who were the people you met at the  events of World Youth Day? Think about What might the Lord be asking of you in these encounters and with these people? the World Youth Day pilgrims from other countries and other parts of your own Explain: Take a moment for silent prayer, to country. Think about the bishops, thank God for giving you such an experience of catechists, leaders, artists, and presenters faith. Thank the Lord for the moments, for the you met during the events. Think about the words, and for the people you met – and for security, business owners, local residents, having a chance to encounter him on the and passers-by you saw there.  mountaintop of World Youth Day. Who were the people you met coming home from Kraków? Think again about Small Group Discussion those in the airport, on the road, your NOTE TO LEADER: Gather the group back family and friends you saw upon your together and assemble into small groups, which will use arrival back in the United States, and those the following questions to guide their conversation: whom you shared details of your trip in the days and weeks since your return home. Action: Get into small groups of 3 to 5 persons each for some additional questions for Explain: Consider all these different consideration; encourage pilgrims to be open if encounters. Remember their faces, their voices, they are comfortable doing so. and their words. Pray for them. Now consider the following questions, and again, reflect on Explain: Being grateful for the moments, these on your own:  words, and people of this pilgrimage which you just spent some personal time reflecting on, Where did you encounter God in those discuss the following questions, as you feel meetings and along the way? comfortable doing so, with one another: 79