World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 80

Action: Bring to the gathering written copies of  What was the pope/speaker responding to? Pope Francis’ homilies and presentations at  Do you remember hearing these words in World Youth Day, as well as some of the talks Kraków? (and if so: What was your initial given by bishops, catechists, or other speakers reaction to these words then? How has it there. Give each pilgrim a different talk (though changed reading it again?) there may be some duplicates depending on the  size of your group; ideally it would be good to own life, situations, concerns, or calling? have enough so everyone has a unique text to  reflect upon), or if audio or video files are earphones to listen to them on their mobile Reflecting on the Encounters device or laptop. Alternatively, the entire group Explain: Finally, we would like to have you can listen or watch one of the pope’s talks reflect on the encounters of World Youth Day. together; however, it is best if each pilgrim has On the journey, you encountered many people their own time to review, read, and/or listen. as well as the Lord. We will take some time to Allow approximately 45 minutes of quiet time reflect on these encounter experiences. where each pilgrim can sit with his or her particular text in a comfortable space. Action: Allow each person some room to Encourage them to take notes, underline lines write, but be able to hear in the large group. that strike them, and pray over the words they When they are settled, ask the following read or listen to. After this time, bring them questions for them to reflect upon and write together for small g &