World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 79

SAMPLE GATHERING #2 experience, the Final Mass; or it can include What Just Happened? something on the way home or an activity that Unpacking World Youth Day happened within your specific group before, during, or after World Youth Day). In the large Opening Prayer group, take time to reflect on and discuss the Lord, thank you for the opportunity following questions about those experiences: to gather with the Universal Church  at World Youth Day. What was most exciting about that moment? Open our hearts and minds to discover  what was said, what was done, What were you thinking then about that experience? and how your grace appeared  during that sacred moment in our lives. In your Name, we pray. Amen. What was most challenging about that moment?  Reflecting on the Moments Now having come back home, what do you think of this moment? Explain: We will take time to look back on  what just happened at World Youth Day – not Why was this moment so moving or special for you, for others? in some nostalgic way, but through the lens of  prayer and discernment at where God is calling What does this moment say about your current situation and circumstances? us now. First, we will reflect in the large group on the major events of World Youth Day 2016. After discussing each of the three moments, take a few moments of silent prayer to thank Action: If you are able, show video or photos God for the experience the pilgrims were able of, or bring up three major moments from your to share together with the universal Church. group’s particular pilgrimage journey (this can include something that happened during the Reflecting on the Words preparation experience; traveling to Kraków; Explain: Now we would like to have you one of the main events of World Youth Day reflect on the words spoken at World Youth such as the opening ceremonies, the papal Day – by the Holy Father, by the bishops, and welcome, the U.S. gathering, the Via Crucis, the by others. Take time by yourself for this catechesis, the pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy particular reflection. Sanctuary, the walk to the vigil, the overnight 77