World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 77

Give us strength, wisdom and humility excitement and gratitude for the transformation to respond to the great needs that occurred, but it can also be difficult as of our brothers and sisters around the world. pilgrims re-enter the routine of daily life. Even We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen. after the Resurrection, the Apostles had this same challenge after watching Jesus ascend to Scripture heaven. The angels asked them: “Why are you Read the Transfiguration Story: standing there looking at the sky?” We must either Mt 17:1-9, Mk 9:2-10, or Lk 9:28-37 make sure to ask ourselves that if we remain “standing here” looking at pictures and videos Catechesis and Reflection and talking about the great moments of World When the disciples witnessed the Youth Day in Kraków, without ever going out Transfiguration of Jesus, they were so amazed and answering the call to evangelize. By this and wanted to stay with Him on the mountain. point in the journey, you have opened your They were so in awe of what they had seen and heart to experience Christ. Many of you have experienced that they didn’t want to leave. As gone far beyond your comfort zones and we reflect back on our experience from World experienced frustrations and roadblocks Youth Day, some of us want to stay on that throughout this pilgrimage. Yet the Lord still mountaintop. After experiencing so many asks more of you. Now as you walk down the beautiful aspects of the Catholic faith these past mountain and re-enter everyday life, you are several weeks, some felt as Peter, James, and challenged to keep Christ present in your life, John did when they were in the presence of the while also sharing the joy of the Gospel with glorified Christ at the top of the mountain, others along the way, accompanying one accompanied by Moses and Elijah, the pillars of another on your mutual journeys. their Jewish faith; but that wondrous moment was only a portion of their experience. Jesus Small Group Activity called his followers not only to be disciples, but Share with one another different mountaintop missionaries – to bring what they had learned experiences of World Youth Day, and how and experienced and share that with others. those might inspire you (or where they might Now Jesus calls us to do the same – to not only be pointing you) as you “come down from the believe and understand the faith, but to share mountain.” What evangelization steps and the Gospel with others. Coming back down merciful acts are you considering doing as a from the mountain comes with some response to the events of World Youth Day? 75