World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 76

APPENDIX: Sample Post-WYD Group Sharing Sessions Group sharing sessions and activities allow World Youth Day. Have them put these notes pilgrims to share their faith with others and in the shape of a mountain (triangle) on the to grow together in community. They are wall, placing the most memorable, mountaintop extremely helpful in assisting pilgrims integrate moments at the peak. their personal and communal World Youth Day experiences into their daily lives. Prayer, shared Explain: “Upward then downward, upward experiences, and continual explorations of faith then downward.” One can describe their lives are also helpful when the WYD pilgrims face as an up-and-down experience, often feeling future challenges and even possible loneliness, like a rollercoaster ride. Although there are frustration, or stagnation in their faith lives tough moments and valleys of darkness, God and among their peers. always points the way back up the mountain. Just as Jesus accompanied the disciples through SAMPLE GATHERING #1 the valleys of Galilee, he also journeyed with Downward Then Upward: them to the mountains to deliver the Sermon Continuing the Mission on the Mount, to reveal his Transfiguration, NOTE TO LEADER: You will need sticky notes, and to Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. pens, and a Bible for the activities of this gathering. To map out these mountains in our own lives, we will remember the moments that have shaped us along the way. Opening Activity Sticky Note Transfiguration Mountain Opening Prayer Action: Hand each participant multiple sticky God our Father, we gather today notes. Ask them to write, on the sticky notes as we are on this lifelong journey memories from the start of their personal faith that you have called us to through our Baptism. and life journey. This may be their earliest memory of First Communion or Confirmation, Help us to hear your word, their first overnight retreat, or a childhood be docile to the Holy Spirit, memory of their family or parish community. and realize in ourselves Then have them also write on each sticky note why you have called us by name a different memory from the most recent and have been with us throughout our lives. 74