World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 73

leader to bring comfort and encouragement. outward from their pilgrim group, always Convey to them that the best way to revisit inviting others to share in their ongoing journey their mountaintop experience is to share the of faith – including friends and family, fellow core message of mercy and compassion with colleagues and students, and those who do not those who were unable to travel to Kraków – share their Catholic faith. yet not in a “you should have been there” manner, but a truly invitational measure that Rather than separating themselves from those allows others to contribute and participate in who do not share their passion for God or the the ongoing pilgrimage of faith. exciting experience of World Youth Day, it is important for pilgrims to deepen their Many pilgrims come back eager to share their friendships and connections with their peers, story. Storytelling is a key part of the initial days friends, and family. It can be tempting for back home, and it should be done in a way that pilgrims to say phrases like “you should have invites others to consider and share in the fruits been there” or try to proselytize those who are of the journey. Even though people may want uncertain about faith, but such actions should to hear the stories and experiences of Kraków be avoided. Rather, Pope Francis challenges a pilgrims, there may be some jealousy among missionary disciple to accompany his or her those who were not able to travel overseas. So peers with a listening heart and a gentle spirit such storytelling should be done in the context rather than to push their vV