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called to be active in fulfilling the primary their trip overseas. Yet the call to become mission of the Church: to make disciples of all missionary disciples with a heart of mercy is nations by sharing the Good News of the exactly what the Holy Father and the Church is Gospel – to continuously be formed in Christ, hoping for all participants to engage in after the while at the same time, putting that formation last note is sung on the last song at the Closing into action. As missionary disciples, World Mass for World Youth Day 2016. Youth Day “alumni” are now sent into their own backyards, bringing love, mercy, and the How can leaders encourage their pilgrims to compassion of Christ to their neighbors, become missionaries? How can they bring families, friends, and strangers encountered in excitement to their leave-taking when nostalgia their daily activities, including the poor and and memory making may be their first priorities disenfranchised in their own midst. Pope in the days after Kraków? Francis says, “Every Christian is a missionary to the extent that he or she has encountered the The first step is to introduce them to this love of God in Christ Jesus: we no longer say concept of ongoing missionary mercy and that we are ‘disciples’ and ‘missionaries,’ but action during the preparation process, so that rather that we are always ‘missionary disciples.’ this call is not a surprise at the conclusion of (EG 120). Acceptance of the call to missionary their travels. Remind them of the roundtrip discipleship is the path to holiness as conveyed nature of a pilgrimage like this (that their by Saint John Paul II in his encyclical starting point is also their eventual destination)/ Redemptoris Missio, which is devoted to the and that the true test of how effective World subject of missionary activity and his wish for Youth Day is will be not in how exciting it was the Church to renew her missionary to see the Holy Father or have an illuminating commitment. “The universal call to holiness is experience of praise and prayer in Poland, but closely united with the call to mission” (no. 90), in what happens in the weeks and months after and the way to holiness is through a merciful they return home from World Youth Day. heart, open to God and the world. Another step is to actively and intentionally Assisting Pilgrims Through This Call talk about their mission in the last days of the Pilgrims come to World Youth Day for a pilgrims’ time in Kraków. Some may be variety of reasons, but very few come looking frustrated that this wonderful moment of their for more work to do on the opposite side of lives has ended, and it is important for the 70