World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 7

Finally, the Leader’s Guide will explore ways You have an important role as a World Youth that you can assist pilgrims after World Youth Day internationally-bound pilgrimage leader. Day. Often, the follow-up perspective is You and others who have also accepted this overlooked in all the planning that goes into challenge now follow in the footsteps of great this event. More than gathering pilgrims for Catholic leaders before you like the father and reunions and faith-sharing immediately patron of this event, St. John Paul II, who as a following the trip – though those are indeed young priest and bishop in Communist- important – this guide will also help you: to controlled Kraków, accompanied young encourage pilgrims to pray and reflect upon adults on their journeys of faith. His example the pilgrimage and engage in active reminds us that this role – the role of a leader discernment; to prepare parishes, dioceses, who accompanies and journeys with young families, and communities to welcome back people on the road of discipleship – can be their pilgrim travelers; to reconnect with equally demanding and rewarding. Such stateside pilgrims who celebrated the events leaders have a unique opportunity to invite of World Youth Day in the United States; and young people to Christ and to nurture that to help pilgrims take concrete and attainable encounter so that these youth and young action steps towards missionary discipleship. adults can take on the mantle of transforming What happens on the journey down the their world, motivated by the lessons, people, mountain is just as important as the trip up. inspiration, and experiences of this encounter. 5