World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 64

leaders taking participants ages 20 and younger How Not to Lose Pilgrims should enforce the U.S. drinking age. Be sure to Just as Jesus sent the disciples out two-by-two, explain this in advance of the pilgrimage to pilgrims (no matter if they are youth or young avoid misunderstandings and consider adding it adults) should operate on the “buddy system” to your pilgrim code of conduct. Even for where every pilgrim has at least one (if not those over the U.S. drinking age of 21, World more) companions throughout the week. Youth Day is not a time for excessive or public drinking. Rather, the WYD pilgrimage is a time When traveling with a group by bus or rail, for modesty and restraint so that the true everyone should know two things: where the celebration can focus on community and the group is getting off and what to do if they miss common faith of the universal Church gathered the stop. Leaders need to have a solid game with the Holy Father. plan and make sure everyone knows that plan, as well as the contingency plan. Cell phones Constantly Looking Ahead have made this process easier, but not everyone Throughout the World Youth Day events, the in your group will have a mobile device that group leader continues to gather information works in Poland. necessary for their group. Be prepared for last minute schedule or venue changes. Look ahead Trying to stay together when walking is difficult in the schedule and plan out what your group when large crowds are involved. Some groups will attend, how you will transit there, and when will use a rally object like a flag, banner, cross, to depart. The obvious travel route may not be or simply an umbrella that the group leader (or the best route for your group especially when someone who always stands next to the group tens of thousands of pilgrims have the same leader) holds high. Pilgrims should stay as close idea. Your group will appreciate the time you to the rally object as possible. If they are put into giving them solid “intel” information. separated, each pilgrim should know what to do At some points, you may need to leave the to reconnect with the group. One idea to create group so that you can scout the next route, site, a collapsible flagpole is to purchase a three- or options for upcoming central or local events. section aluminum tent pole at a camping store Having a good co-leader and team who can (the kind that uses a bungee cord to keep the manage the group in your absence (if needed) three sections connected) and connect the flag will be helpful at times like this. to it with zip-ties or similar connectors. 62